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Never Present in the Dark

The NEW keys to confident presenting and selling to win.

Who it’s for Account and Creative teams – all levels. Anyone whose responsibility includes selling to clients will benefit greatly from this workshop
DURATION 1 day or 2 days
SIZE Up to 15 people

“Selling Is Better Than Sex” —author, Robert Majer

Nothing can compare to the frustration agencies feel when they believe they’ve come to a brilliant creative solution only to have the client reject it – often for a seemingly random reason (“I just don’t get it”). To say nothing of how it wastes resources, time and money in needless revisions back and forth.

So how do the agencies that keep selling great work keep selling great work?

This workshop will give you the answer, as well as the techniques, the tools, and the hands-on practice to ramp up your percentages significantly.

Right away you’ll see this learning isn’t based on the old presentation skills – principles that have been around for years, even decades. This isn’t about how to put on a dog-and-pony show, or how to give a slick toast at your cousin’s wedding.

This workshop is based on the reality of an industry that’s changing on a minute-by-minute basis; an industry that moves an estimated 65 times faster (!) than it did twenty years ago, an industry where time is the same currency as value and content.

The companies that win in this new reality are those whose skills have evolved with the same velocity and intent as the industry itself.

Today, it’s not about old-school boardroom selling techniques…its about knowing what kind of presentation it is to what kind of audience in what kind of situation by what kind of presenter.

It’s about consistent and ongoing relationship-based engagement from a strategic partner who knows and breathes the business right down to its DNA…and then some. And it’s practiced by the whole company, starting with entry-level account and creative people.

In this workshop, selling becomes an organic part of a bigger, longer conversation – one that ideally starts the day the client walks through the door. And when collaboration is truly clicking between agency and client, show-stopping surprises in the boardroom – that legendary idea-killer – just don’t happen.

In other words, you are no longer presenting in the dark,

About the Workshop

First, participants will come to understand how the boardroom show is simply a stop along the way of a newly defined client partnership; one that’s based on a highly developed sense of empathy, trust and resourcefulness.

They will learn how presenting, along with every part of the business world, has had to change and evolve.  Storytelling is great, but is it right for every presentation? Or even most presentations? Participants will see the importance of the ‘tactical’ presentation, and when and how to use it. They will learn to identify their own presenting styles:  ‘show-runner’, ‘artist’, ‘neophyte’. Knowing, respecting your own style is the way to presenting powerfully–and in your comfort zone.

Equally, participants will learn why and how a strong, trusted business relationship plays directly into every transaction including, of course, presenting.  They will walk through each step in building that relationship, and transforming it into a solid partnership. They’ll learn how to uncover the true nature of both their client’s mindset and how to really dig into their client’s business and brand. With this in place they’ll begin the process of garnering insights to intuitively hit the right mark when it comes down to the specific sell.

They will then move on to the next critical step: mastering specific selling tools, techniques and processes, understanding how to set the stage for selling; how to create the boardroom dynamic, how to establish clear roles within the agency and how to get the entire team impeccably prepared.

Starting with building a true client partnership to establishing clearly stated rules-of-the-road for all the stakeholders, to understanding clients’ individual styles, and applying relevant presentation techniques, as well as ensuring that the intact presentation gets to the ultimate decision maker – this workshop will lower the curtain on those too-familiar awkward presentations where either side, or both, are blindsided.

Workshop Content Includes

  • What kind of presentation is it, really?
  • What kind of presenter are you – how to optimize your own style.
  • Presenting with the confidence of a strategic partner – regardless of seniority
  • The essential tools and techniques for selling creative to even the most conservative clients.
  • A new take on storytelling – is it really the one-size-fits-all solution…today?
  • Getting (and keeping) the 360 view of the client’s business – from top to bottom
  • Educating clients to the viability of ground-breaking creative that sells and sticks
  • Rules-of-the-road for the agency team; commitments from the client team
  • Understanding audience styles
  • Assessing individual motivation
  • Getting the presentation to the decision-maker
  • The proprietary ‘Funnel-Sell’ which deftly eliminates every other possible solution, clearing the way for the only one that makes sense: yours.
  • Workshop includes follow-up and leave-behind